HoW WE Will ChaNgE ThE World

Change comes from the effort to be better than you are right now. We will strive to be the best, create the best and live the best.


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As we look to the past, we begin to see the future. We gather the wisdom that has brought us forth on our journey. We learn from the last-to prepare the next generation for success. As we all plant seeds on the farm of life, we look to plant fruitful conceptions, produce seamless growth and create efficient distribution.

The lives which will be changed for the better in the countries of Africa, will not come from Aid; yet the stimulation of individual and community empowerment will thrust the already implanted desire to be better than the past.

The World Education Foundation looks to continue planting seeds in the areas of Health, Education, Infrastructure and International Sports to assist with the continued growth of what is already in motion.

Look Behind-Focus Forward


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