HoW WE Will ChaNgE ThE World

Change comes from the effort to be better than you are right now. We will strive to be the best, create the best and live the best.


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When WE learn-WE reach, when WE reach-WE become closer. When WE search WE discover and when WE discover WE receive.

This is how the World Education Foundation works toward Truth…We give ourselves the opportunity to learn from many different sources to ensure we are informed and can provide sustainable impact!

An organization by the name of Comme works with orphaned kids, giving them the opportunity to feel loved, protected and sheltered. They set the platform for them to learn and realize their potential. Through Music, Art, Science, Sewing, Computer and Science classes, these kids expand their minds to become well rounded Individuals for the future!

The little things are what make us Whole and Human- So it’s the little things we should not take for Granted. The WE Foundation is helping each of us to Remember!

Hold on Tight…Through all of the Trial and Tribulation…Hold on Tight and you will find the other side!

WE are inspired by the youth all over the World and will continue to shape our initiatives to fit their needs, now and for the future

The kids will play and the Sun will Dance! Stay inspired the whole way through- Remember when you thought you could change the World- It’s never too late!

In the Eyes stands the future, hope and promise!

In the Midst of Nothing there is Silence, In the midst of Nothing there is Everything!

Stand Firm and be Strong! Work Hard and Live Long!

Being fruitful only comes from sowing quality crops- Being sustainable depends on the foundation in which you Build!

When we walk with our heads high, we can see the possibilities ahead of us. When we look our trials and tribulations in the face, we give energy to the defeat of our obstacles.

As the World Education Foundation evaluates it’s projects, one of the most important criteria considered in the impact of each project, is the empowerment of young girls and women. Every human being on this planet was birthed from a women and without their nurturing love the earth would be obsolete. The strength of this world is nestled in their sustainability. Moving forward, the WE Foundation considers the security, independence and progression of women to be most paramount in any development.  

Happiness is Contagious!

When we work hard, we open the possibilities of greatness. When we love hard, we open the possibilities of life. To Smile is to Conquer. So as we work and love we will conquer all.

The WE Foundation is taking the steps to secure the future of thousands of people across the world. As we do that, we ask that you join our cause and open the portal of collaboration. The TIME is NOW!

Come February 2012, we will meet again. We will meet, because we are just beginning what we came to accomplish. We will meet again, because we will work together to realize a change in your surroundings. We will meet again, because life has destined for our paths to cross. We will meet again, because we have unfinished business.

In February 2012, the World Education Foundation will make the next step in creating sustainable energy infrastructure in the East Africa. We are beginning our first phase of creating an operational infrastructure which will introduce domestically processed alternative energies. With the rise and increase in population over the next 20 years, it will be paramount that Africa weens itself off of imported fossil fuels. This will not only create new jobs and income for the communities, but also give them the freedom to grow without being directly tied to fossil diesel imports. This will be a long task, but we aim to not only affect those living now, but generations to come, while considering the environment.

One small step in the right direction now, can lead to millenniums of progress in the future.

Join up and let us know your thoughts concerning alternative energies. 

As we journey into the smiles and search deep into the eyes of the small fragment of people we work with; we find the past and the future. We find the subtle acceptance of power- a power that no man can explain. There has been many before us and there will be many after, but as we cherish this moment, we look into the eyes and admire the smiles- for this part of the journey is not a dream, yet reality intertwined with our highest resolve. Situations are temporary, love is eternal.

These are the things we live and work for and as we strive to be better than we were yesterday, we will continue to develop projects which provide our beneficiaries with socioeconomic change. With this goal in mind we stand to believe there is much to be proud of and there is plenty to smile about. All of the hard work that has been forged through struggle was not in vain. There is a purpose and that purpose will stand the test of time-

Continue to smile and look into the eyes of the past and future!

As we look to the past, we begin to see the future. We gather the wisdom that has brought us forth on our journey. We learn from the last-to prepare the next generation for success. As we all plant seeds on the farm of life, we look to plant fruitful conceptions, produce seamless growth and create efficient distribution.

The lives which will be changed for the better in the countries of Africa, will not come from Aid; yet the stimulation of individual and community empowerment will thrust the already implanted desire to be better than the past.

The World Education Foundation looks to continue planting seeds in the areas of Health, Education, Infrastructure and International Sports to assist with the continued growth of what is already in motion.

Look Behind-Focus Forward

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